A mixed-age learning environment for children and their parents.

About FreeTime

FreeTime is an educational collective in NYC that emphasizes there are many different ways of doing things in life.

We provide a safe and supportive environment for the growth of a new generation of resilient and thinking young men and women who will thrive in a future society.

We value primary experiences and genuine social interactions.

We bring together some of the best ideas from Summerhill, Waldorf/Steiner and Montessori.

We Focus

on key qualities necessary in a post-AI society


physical and neurological development


society • culture • media • discipline


art • music • movement


practical skills

Frequent Asked Questions


We are a diverse group of families who are interested in providing our children with a bespoke learning environment. Many of us are from NYC and we have visitors from all over the world. Our children are between the age 3-12.


Our educational environment is self-directed, inquiry-driven and deeply rooted in the real world. We value genuine social interactions, both between children and among grown-ups. We are fascinated by the world around us and are eager to grasp the subtleties of each context.

Your presence is required! We are not a daycare, camp or school. This is a place for parents and children to learn and grow together.


We are everywhere. We are outdoors much of the warmer seasons, exploring the rich culture of New York. For quieter times and indoor stuff, we go to our play centers around the city.


We play, learn and explore together in practically every waking moment. Isn't that what we all used to do?


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